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Reportasjer / Publisert 30. mars 2017

- Vi skal løse finansieringskrisen til pressen

Kan den nye digitale valutaen Freecoins være en vei ut av mediekrisen? Det mener Tom Ottmar som vil snu opp ned på hele medieøkonomien.
steve larsc 8. august 2017 13:32 Slett

Thanks, Tom Ottmar for sharing your opinion about the media crisis and thinks that will turn down on the entire media economy. The video you have shared above was something very useful to put lights on the media crisis we face nowadays. https://martinenclosures.com Thanks for sharing

Jive Bunny 7. juli 2017 13:12 Slett

I'm a social worker and I would say that the financial press crisis should have to be finished and provide them freedom. As a well qualified and an experienced researcher at UK Assignment Help agency, I wanna add few lines that necessary things need to complete.

Cindy Bryant 5. april 2017 09:37 Slett

Tom Ottmar says very important things that need to be done the sooner the better. My views do not differ that much on that matter, my theses is more or like the same as Tom offered. Media economy must be boundaryless.

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