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Reportasjer / Publisert 20. april 2017

Dagligvaretopper møtes til debatt

Hva er viktigst for dagligvaretoppene?
Clair 15. mai 2017 14:39 Slett

Before all the inevitable whining about fancy restaurants and high costs, think about what else people spend their money on that could be seen as stupid. People spend hundreds and thousands on travel, sports tickets, theater and concert tickets and even on dissertation writers for hire. They spend a bunch on hobbies, clothes, cars, electronics. People spend hours at museums, zoos, a beach. So what if people want to spend some time and money at a high end restaurant? It's no different than any other interest or hobby. If you don't like it, then you don't have to go. Get over the fact that other people have other interests and priorities than you.

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