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Professoren & praktikern / Publisert 20. mars 2024

82. Blue Ocean Strategy med Michael Olenick

Dagens gjest i P&P er Michael Olenick:

Michael is an Executive Fellow at INSEAD business school, and specializes in innovation including multiple bestselling case studies and articles at Harvard Business Review. Specifically focused on fusing together content – whether it be text, software, or other media – Michael believes we are entering a new era of content delivery.

Some key talking points:
• How can brand building impact innovation?
• What is blue ocean / red ocean strategy (Kim & Mauborgne, 2004)? Why is this an important model/theory/management thinking?
• What is the connection between blue ocean strategy and branding?
• Are Scandinavian companies more/less innovative than companies/brands elsewhere? Why? What are the characteristics of strong innovative brands?
• Cases? KROHN? Why is this such a good case that you have written about it? What could other learn?
• What can be done to increase innovation/entrepreneurship?
• You founded strategystudio.org - the, the first full featured AI-enhanced strategy development tool. How can AI help us develop good strategies?

Lars E. Olsen
 og Alf B. Bendixen er henholdsvis professor og praktiker. 

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