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Reklamefilmer / Publisert 3. oktober 2017

Nytt Toyota-byrå klar med ny kampanje

Mange lurte da Toyota la alle reklame- og mediemillionene til det nye byrået The & Partnership. Her er noe av svaret på hvordan det gikk. 
Angelica  Mandy 19. oktober 2017 14:47 Slett

Toyota has constantly made revolting autos I required a solid minivan Write an Essay for Me so I purchased a 2011 Sienna, the entire thing is fine looking with the exception of the wing wang honey bee slanted, distorted front. The dash board is cheezy, genuine cheezy, with toy plastic dash and confused instrument bunches. I'll not likely purchase a toyota again consequently. There is just no motivation to construct a revolting and shabby auto all around. You ought to hear it shake over each obstruction as well. Enough to drive you crazy driving anyplace with the shoddy plastics rattling and scratching everywhere throughout the inside.

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